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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

what's up with that!

so it's been months since I wrote because I really can't handle the juggle of work and my own creativity. It just doesn't seem like there is enough of me to extend this far.

I have been playing on-line scrabble with a friend and this was a note I sent to her recently - it will give you a small taste of how I am...

Sunday I drove down to NYC to visit my grandma.

The drive down to NYC was easy, of course coming home I was tired... but I'm glad I went. My grandmother seemed in good spirits on Sunday, and my aunt says that the new woman who comes on the weekends is good - my aunt's worried about the woman who comes T-F because my grandmother told her that the woman said to her "I don't get paid overnight so don't even call me, I won't get up!" My grandmother has a terrible bruise on one of her hands from hitting the wall trying to call the ladies' attention - she doesn't like to sit in urine overnight and if she needs to pee she wants to get up but can't by herself... anyway, it's that kind of thing and my aunt is very stressed and upset, and it was really sad to see. I just wish there was more I could do!

Only one more week of classes - which means that this week is all about reading papers!!!! Of course, there are a few other projects that really need attention as well, so i end up feeling torn and wasting energy on that, but overall I am really enjoying the weather and the budding trees.


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