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Monday, May 29, 2006

droplets of water

Three days until I'm on sabbatical!!! How is that possible - the last month has been a blur!

I'm embarrassed to have dropped off of the blog planet having degraded to confessions of American Idolotry, but as they say, water finds it's level! I'm lost to myself these days. Thank you Tovah for finding my blog and commenting! I can't believe it's been 20 days since I posted... I really don't understand what I'm doing here yet... but it's good to find that I'm not just writing to myself! it seems hard to imagine that someone would find this - when there are millions of blogs out there... still, I need to try to experiment with this as another medium of aliveness, and if there are connections that are made along the way, that's just a bonus!

I did an interview with some potential students at the U where I teach on Friday, and there was the most amazing moment when I really felt a sense that one of the women was a god-send. As she spoke about a personal crisis in her life several years ago, she mentioned that she had been reading Women who run with the wolves and the need for cycles of birth, death, and re-birth, I could feel my parched spirit leaning in towards her words. She talked about finding art that spoke to her and making small collage pieces that slowly helped her to piece together meaning and life-giving energy, even in the face of what she recognized as a death within. My little brittle waif-like spirit quivered, and I knew that I was desperate to enter into this next phase - despite my fears of being alone, despite fears of facing my demons, despite fears of not being able to finish or use the time well, despite fears of completely losing me...

I have my first cello lesson on June 5! I am determined to make this time mean something more than the diss.

parched spirit drink up
droplets of water are near
dreaming of re-birth


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