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Monday, May 8, 2006

showing up

So I lent my computer to a friend who is doing a graphics project for a non-profit I belong to - and that has meant that I have had no private computer time! I have to either use the one at work - which is what I'm doing now - or use the one at the house, and I don't really have time there to do so privately... and I still haven't told P about the blog!!

It's been interesting to have a few days away from it. I feel ok about it. Ok with what is emerging here - today it feels as though the person emerging is more me.

Still feeling unsure about what I want to keep private and what I want to show - but it's interesting to think that the block with the dissertation is related to "what I want to show" and so I'm happy to stick with it.

And I love the interactive possibilities! I went to my friend Denise's open studio yesterday and she just inspires me sooooo much!!!! And as I was reading this over today I thought maybe, just maybe, this could become a place to begin to show myself a bit.

it's been my mantra
"just show up" - so why not here?
are you so afraid?


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