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Thursday, October 19, 2006

glory halleluia!

I sent my proposal out to the last two committee members yesterday!

I also miraculously got inspired to send a note to the ethics folks asking if I really needed to resubmit an application since my diss is so similar to the pilot they approved last year at this time. They got back to me right away saying I could amend the last proposal - and send it right in, without waiting for the monthly deadline!

I'm thrilled! I may get to do some interviews before I go back to work after all!

I'm thrilled and I've also been more anxious in the past few days (never let a chance for that to go by), and now I'm starting to worry about going back to work and how busy I'm going to be and how hard it's going to be to finish this thing!!!

I have a chance to go to Spain, Jan 1-13 and now I'm worrying that I should use that time for data collection rather than feeding my soul... is it that? does traveling do that for me? I wish I was more connected to the group that's going... but I'm not, so do I not go, or make the most of it. Damn, all this sense of alienation - when do I get to fit in and feel good about it unequivocally?

Still, that's not now... for now, I'm happy to have the proposal out and I'm hopeful about collecting several interviews before I go back to work!


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