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Monday, December 4, 2006

things are moving

OK.... so the last member of my committee finally got back to me (at 3:46 am on Saturday), and she too had very positive things to say and no changes to recommend, so I AM FREE to now call myself a "Doctoral Candidate," to collect data, to get a 30% reduction in tuition and most importantly to take a leave of absence which will allow me to stop paying tuition for a few months!

Honestly, it's not official yet (all the oficianados at the school need to sign their John Hancock's on the dotted lines...) but I feel an enormous relief! And if I can stop paying tuition for a few months, maybe we can actually afford our lifestyle!

My papers from Summer school are done. I turned the last grade in last week. And the newsletter that I edit for the non-profit I volunteer for is now with the layout person!

I, of course, have a lot of other things to rush in and make me stressed, but for now I want to just celebrate the fact that things are moving on... I did an interview yesterday, and have another one scheduled for Thursday! And this is the first time I really believe I am going to finish this thing!!!!


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