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But my heart is always propped up in a field on its tripod, ready for the next arrow. billy collins

Sunday, April 16, 2006

resurrection and redemption

So here's the thing... I need the notion of redemption in my life. I crave a spiritual practice that at its core combines sacrifice, love, forgiveness, redemption, renewal and community. And it's my tradition, the place into which I was born, the Christianity of my mother, and grandmother, and great-grandmother.

would you be willing
taking all blame,shame, and grief
to stand in for me?

But here's another thing, I have problems with being a Christian in a culture that uses Christianity in such negative ways. There are a lot of folks a lot more eloquent about this than I am - Anne Lamott, Mary Luti, Marcus Borg - I particularly appreciate the Center for Progressive Christianity and their attempts to describe a Christianity that is not dogmatic, oppressive, or fundamentalist.

So, how does one live with the contradictions of faith, religion, and community in this weird, wired, world? I don't know but somehow grace, and forgiveness, and music, and art, and love, and redemption all seem to be a part of the answer for me. Happy Easter!


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