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But my heart is always propped up in a field on its tripod, ready for the next arrow. billy collins

Thursday, April 13, 2006

thank you haikus

I decided yesterday that I would try to write a "thank you haiku" every day this week as a form of self-care. I decided I would do something creative and disciplined (granted, once a day for a week doesn't require that much discipline but hey, you've got to start somewhere). So on my way home from work I was feeling great composing my haiku in my mind and I had it down!!! Of course by 11 pm I could not remember it... so here is the revised version.

courting gratitude
warm skin
strong arms
sweet smell
such simple pleasures

Today's my 15th anniversary - so this haiku is for you P.

I haven't told my man that I started a blog because he thinks I already am too overcommitted and I'm afraid that if he knew I was doing this it would make him crazy! I haven't told anyone else yet either because I'm a chicken... scrawny legs, scratchy movements, feeble throat, with her head on a chopping block!


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