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Monday, July 17, 2006

back to work

I'm back to work today- doing some of the work I have to do for the Univ. where I work. It's been really good to have the time this summer to just regroup - to not stress about fall, to not stress about all the administrative pieces I hold on to in a way that's probably not healthy and that isn't all that good for me or the program.

But now that the proposal is with my advisor, I do need to take care of a bunch of loose ends that really have been on the back burner, waiting for my attention!

I'm really happy to be able to focus on something else for a few days. I'm hoping that I can clean up my office, and start thinking about the next steps before too long too!!

For now, I'm just happy to have a job! I recently heard about two folks, one 40 and one in his 50's, looking for work, and thought about how really hard it is to find a job when you're in your 50's!!! What kind of work can you do? what kind of job would you want? If there aren't any jobs available in your field, what are you supposed to do at that age?

Anyway, it made me grateful for my job! And grateful that if I really wanted to, I could build my private practice, and work that way... or I could probably get a job in some sort of agency... counseling. Weird to think about!

for now, I'm just feeling grateful.

in my prime work-life
feeling grateful for meaning
I can find at work


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