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Monday, July 31, 2006

hanging tight

Well, all I needed was a little boost to jump start me last week... as I said, fits and starts. I found out that two of my dissertation readers are on sabbatical next month - sooooo, I did the revisions, and emailed my chair asking if there was any way to send them the revised proposal before they left, that is before tomorrow!!!! She said she couldn't even look at the revisions until Aug 15, so just to "hang tight." That's me... hanging tight (upside down by my ankles!!!) or is this tight rope image more appropriate??? I'll let you decide...

Meanwhile, I was working so hard to get through my book club book this month - My Name is Red by Orhan Pamukthat I forgot that our group was meeting last night, and missed my chance to talk about it because we were on our way back from a last minute overnight trip to NH. And I needed to talk about it!!!! It's a fascinating and difficult book - it helped to read a few reviews and then a few more reviews , but I still would've loved to talk about it. Maybe next month!

And don't get me started about "gated communities" - but Lake Winnipesauke is a surburbanites heaven!

Anyway, this week I'm back to working on the non-profit!!!! and I have quite a bit to do there. Then next week is teaching - Monday-Friday 9-6. That's intense!!!!

not getting bogged down
by things over which I have
no control at all


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