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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

lots of this and that

Well, it's been almost a week, and I have not posted anything!

I started a class on "autobiographical writing" on Monday - I'm a bit uncertain whether I will feel inspired enough... not sure the chemistry is right for me... but I really want to do it, and I need some kind of external motivation!

I've been really trying to figure out what's doable and what's not!

Tonight, I'm feeling depleted and exhausted, and nothing extra feels doable - so I'm not sure where all of this will lead.

I heard back from one of my committee members - good news. I think she liked it! But I'm still waiting to hear back from the second committee person. And I need to send an email to the "dissertation coordinator" that the school provides.

I've been spending hours each day trying to get through emails, trying to sort out what's a priority and what can wait. I only did one paper today. I still have 19! I ran a lot of errands today - bank, post office, vote, drop M off at soccer, pick her up, pick up my son from soccer, take my daughter to the orthodontist. AY!


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