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Thursday, November 2, 2006

red light, green light, 123

I heard from one of the two dissertation readers last night - a big GREEN LIGHT!

nothing to add or revise... just a rave review:

"I have had the pleasure of reviewing your proposal and am delighted to tell you that I approve it. You are developing an all-too- neglected theme in the clinical psychology literature. Further, your use of the narrative research design seems especially well suited in discerning the subtle qualities of experience that is the focus of your project. You write well and clearly, and have a particular knack for the articulation of internal experience that will serve the dissertation process well.

I congratulate you on this fine work and look forward to reviewing the finished product."

I am really pleased!!!!

although, how neurotic am I??? there was a small part of me that wanted to hear more - not criticism, but it just seems like given that I spent all this time on the project, there should be more to say... Is it enough that folks are basically just giving it the green light? Pretty neurotic.

Ok... I'm waiting for one more reviewer!

I've emailed two potential interviewees to set up interviews for late Nov/early Dec. Yipee!!!


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